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This document center acts as a repository of technical documentation for our customers, prospective customers, partners and staff. 

To access the documents in this document center you will need to register using a valid email address at a commercial, public or not-for-profit organization.  When you select a document from this document center you will be emailed a download link for the document in question.  It is therefore essential that the email address is valid.

Release notes
Array cosbatch agent 3.1.1
Array cosbatch Server 3.1.6 Release Notes
Array cosbatch User Interface 3.1.b1.5 Release Notes
Array cosbatch web server 3.7

Array Create a job suite
Array Queues - tutorial 1

Technical manuals
Array cosbatch 3.1 Agent Configuration Guide
Array cosbatch 3.1 Evaluation VM installation guide
Array cosbatch 3.1 glossary of terms
Array cosbatch 3.1 Installation Guide
Array cosbatch 3.1 Upgrade Guide
Array cosbatch 3.1 User Manual