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Upgrading from cron

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If you are implementing a commercial job scheduler for the first time, then it is likely that the background processes you currently run on your UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) and/or Linux based servers are currently scheduled using cron.  Whether you are looking for a better cron or to replace cron, then you are likely to find cosbatch to be a logical choice, as it acts effectively and intuitively as a supercron.   Cron scheduling can be very flexible but lacks the capabilities of a commercial strength cron replacement such as cosbatch.

While you may wish to readdress the way that tasks are scheduled when you implement our scheduler to replace the cron job scheduler, there is a useful option to import the existing crontab files of scheduled cron jobs in UNIX directly into cosbatch.  In this way you can be up and running with cosbatch, taking benefit of its integrated, network-capable user interface, within hours of deploying the software.

The import can be run either when cosbatch is initially installed on a host system, or at any time thereafter.  A new job is created in cosbatch for each selected crontab entry, with the old cron job being made inactive.  All jobs imported from a crontab are placed on a single queue, to which a processor for the host system from which it was imported is attached.  You can select only a subset of jobs to be imported into cosbatch or import all jobs.

So, moving from your existing HP-UX, AIX, Solaris or Linux cron scheduling to cosbatch is a simple task, and results in your being able to use the state of the art cosbatch User Interface to manage, monitor and log your background processes without significant work.   

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To find out more about cosbatch's features as an option for replacing cron try viewing the following videos:

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