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UNIX job scheduling

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The UNIX operating system provides a number of simple tools for UNIX job management.   These UNIX batch commands, primarily at and cron, allow the systems administrator to schedule individual jobs to run once at a specific time and date, or via cron to run at intervals e.g. once an hour.  For information on how to schedule a job in standard UNIX, please view your supplier's man pages on these commands.

However, the functionality of these UNIX batch commands falls well short of the expectations of commercial users who typically need to be able to run jobs according to complex Calendars, run suites of jobs with interdependencies, and initiate jobs on the basis of internal and external events.   In short, an enterprise-quality UNIX batch job scheduler is required.  Job scheduling on UNIX has been OSM's focus for nearly twenty years.  We believe that we are a technology leader in UNIX job scheduling, and that our cosbatch software is the premier solution for batch processing on UNIX.

Unlike most job schedulers that schedule jobs in UNIX, the cosbatch Scheduler software is also hosted on a UNIX or Linux system, whether physical or virtual, on your own site or through the cloud.  Agents are then deployed on the systems on which you wish to run UNIX batch jobs.  Agents may also be deployed on Linux and MS Windows servers, and we also provide an agentless option.  

PUM screenshotTo schedule batch jobs in UNIX using cosbatch, we provide an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that runs over the Internet, allowing operations staff to work from wherever best suits them.  UNIX batch jobs may be combined into suites, the initiation of each job within the suite being dependent on or being a precondition for, another job or jobs within the suite.  Indeed, the successful or unsuccessful running of jobs in one suite may also be preconditions for the initiation of jobs in another suite, perhaps residing on another host system.  In short, UNIX batch job scheduling (UNIX batch processing) can be automated across a network of systems, freeing up operations staff and improving performance against Service Level Agreements.

Scheduling jobs in UNIX is rendered simple and efficient. 

Take a closer look at cosbatch by:

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 Test driving cosbatch on one of our servers