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Open Systems Management understands that technical support is a vital part of the total customer experience. We are committed to ensuring that you get the maximum value from your use of our products and that this value is sustained over time. This page gives you an overview of our support and how you can best use this site to obtain the best user experience.

Best practices to ensure optimal support:

The success of any support operation depends on a combination of technical knowledge, quality of communication, and problem solving skills. Our staff and your staff need to develop an understanding based on a recognized division of responsibilities. Here are some guidelines to ensure that you obtain optimal support:

  • plan your implementation. We offer free online tutorials on installation and configuration of our software which are best viewed prior to implementation.
  • use the same staff to submit all support requests where possible. We can be more effective if we are working with a regular contact(s).
  • train these members of staff in our technologies. We offer free on-line training in all of our products. An untrained member of staff will have difficulty in communicating problems to us in language that we understand.
  • utilize online help. All our software comes with comprehensive online help. Please also make yourselves familiar with the support information available on this web site, from supported platforms to Frequently Asked Questions. Try using the Support Forum to discuss issues with other administrators and review the release notes and technical white papers posted in the resource library.
  • provide accurate and complete information when submitting a support request. Non-reproducible problems based on insufficient information can cause unnecessary delays.
  • consult us before upgrading your hardware or operating system software. If you are unsure whether your new systems are supported by our software then please contact us before you try to install it.
  • keep your product version up to date. It is difficult for us to support back versions of our products.
  • keep your profile information up to date so that we can keep you posted with new information as it is generated.

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Hours of operation:

In each country where we support our software you will be given a telephone number for support which will be automatically routed to the help desk which is open at that time. All three help desks have access to the same data. All three help desks are in native English speaking countries. To all intents and purposes it should appear to one of our customers as if all support is local.

9:00 - 5:00 UK Time
9:00 - 5:00 Pacific Time


Non-English speaking countries should have help desks supplied by our partner in that country, fluent in the local language(s), and trained in our software.

Weekend and public holiday support is provided only for web-based support calls.

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Extent of cover:

All licensees receive support and maintenance as part of the annual license subscription fee for the duration of the period covered by that subscription. This includes:

  • all product updates for the licensed product
  • all product upgrades for the licensed product
  • web based support backed up by telephone support to help-desk where required

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Target response times:

Critical (see terms and conditions for definition) - within one hour of receipt of request

Major (see terms and conditions for definition) - within four hours of receipt of request

Minor (see terms and conditions for definition) - within eight hours of receipt of request

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Help desk locations:

US and Canada - Open Systems Management Inc., or telephone 1-888-OSM-TECH

UK and Europe - Open Systems Management Ltd., or telephone +44-1189-070338

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Support request life cycle:

In order to place a support request you will need to be registered. You may only be registered if you are employed in a suitable position by an existing user organization of our software. To register please fill in our registration form.

Consult the FAQs and other support information posted on the web site to determine if an answer has already been posted for your problem.

To place a support request fill in the support request form having collected all relevant information. System, storage and network configuration information is all relevant as are any error messages and log files. Submit your support request using the web browser interface attaching all relevant information.

Open Systems Management will then provide you with a unique identifier for your support call by email which you can then use to track the status.

Support requests are not closed off other than where agreed by both parties.

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