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Event driven job initiation

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Batch jobs within cosbatch can have event preconditions attached to them that must be satisfied before the job will execute. 

When you define a job, suite, or a job in a suite, you can assign system events that are checked before the job or suite runs. These events can check a wide range of conditions such as CPU usage, existence or non-existence of a directory or a file, process existence, and disk space availability. You can also define your own events that use external routines to check for specifics in which you may be interested e.g. is the web server running?  An event is a persistent object in cosbatch and once created, it can be used with any number of jobs and suites.

define eventThere are several types of precondition events that can be defined including:

  • CPU Usage
  • Directory Existence
  • File Existence
  • Process Existence
  • Disk Space Usage
  • User Defined

Events can test for the specified condition over a wide range of durations including once only, over a predefined period of time, up to a specified time, or up to a date and time specified in one or more calendars. Within the duration period specified, you can choose how often cosbatch will check for the condition.

Event preconditions are added to jobs, suites, and jobs in suites using their respective wizards. In each wizard, there is a precondition window where you enter the name of the event(s).