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cosbatch for MS Windows

The Windows® operating system from Microsoft Corp. is a leader in operating system technologies that service hardware systems ranging from the desktop to large enterprise servers. 

OSM’s cosbatch software has run on Windows® since 1997, providing users with over ten years of unbroken support on the operating system.

cosbatch requires a UNIX or Linux based host to run the Scheduler and Controller (failover) software, with Windows® supported via an Agent.  Users with heterogeneous environments of UNIX/Linux and Windows® therefore find cosbatch to be an ideal application for their background processing needs.  Since the advent of virtualization, an increasing number of users who only use the Windows® operating system in their environment have also implemented cosbatch.   The cosbatch Scheduler and Controller (failover) software are implemented in a Virtual Machine (VM) resident on a Windows® based server using technologies from VMware or Citrix.  The cosbatch Agents are then implemented on the Windows® VMs and the result is enterprise-quality scheduling for Windows®!

The advent of cosbatch as a service also means that the VM running the Scheduler and Controller (failover) software can exist anywhere in the cloud.

cosbatch is used by many Windows® users worldwide.  Our Windows® user population includes banks, mutual societies, manufacturers, utilities and central and local government.

Take a closer look at cosbatch by:

play video buttonWatching the cosbatch ten minute demonstration video

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 Test driving cosbatch on one of our servers