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cosbatch for HP-UX

The HP-UX operating system from Hewlett-Packard Corp. provides mission-critical UNIX focused at the high end of UNIX requirements, where the success of their customer depends on their IT infrastructure. 

OSM’s cosbatch software has run on HP-UX since the first 800 series version was released in 1990, providing users with twenty years of unbroken support on the operating system.

HP logoOpen Systems Management provides software that runs on HP-UX and is a member of the HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP). 

The cosbatch software works on both HP-UX and Linux platforms sold by Hewlett-Packard.

cosbatch also incorporates technology for automatically importing details of existing job schedules from the HP-UX crontab files.  Transitioning from cron based schedules to using cosbatch is therefore a simple task.

In short, the cosbatch technologies fall happily in line with those of Hewlett-Packard. 

cosbatch is used by many HP-UX users worldwide.  Our HP-UX user population includes banks, mutual societies, utilities and central and local government.

Take a closer look at cosbatch by:

play video buttonWatching the cosbatch ten minute demonstration video

play video buttonWatching the "Introduction to the cosbatch architecture" video

 Test driving cosbatch on one of our servers