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Centralized Job Control

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cosbatch domainThe modern computing environment typically consists of a number of distributed systems, both physical and virtual.  These systems may run different operating systems e.g. UNIX and Windows; each system playing its part in the overall workflow.   As such, a background process run on one system may be dependent for its initiation on the successful or unsuccessful outcome of a job or jobs running on one or more other systems.  In turn that job’s completion may be a precondition for jobs running on other systems in the enterprise.

cosbatch allows all background processes run across a network of systems to be controlled centrally by a cosbatch Scheduler node.  Any number of users running cosbatch’s Java-based User Interface can monitor and manage background processes and their interdependencies across the domain from a single point on the network.

In the scenario shown in the diagram, any user with the appropriate access controls can schedule jobs on any of the other nodes in the cosbatch domain. Each job run under the control of the Scheduler can be made dependent on the successful or unsuccessful completion of one or more jobs on any other node, regardless of operating system. In turn, the successful or unsuccessful completion of that job can be a precondition for jobs running on the same or other nodes in the network.  These interdependent jobs are normally combined into job suites for ease of management.

In all cases, the management and monitoring of those interdependencies is centralized and viewable through the same simple to use graphical user interface.